How to open trick locks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Some doors require work to open.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unknown Trick Devices are just one of the many things you will need to deal with when exploring the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These large metal doors have trick locks on them that you will need to solve in order to open them. Not all of these puzzles are simple and some may require a bit of thinking to get them open. Here is how you can solve these little puzzles and explore all the caves that you want.

How to open trick locks

You may come across your first Unknown Trick Devices in the Milio Trick Caverns. You can find this area after making it to Colony 4. These caverns can be found to the southeast of the colony near the Namba Mound Camp. There are two locks in this cave. The locks on the Unknown Trick Devices are rather comical and will speak when you interact with them. Start by interacting with the podium in front of the door. This will allow you to view the puzzle and interact with the mechanism that controls the circles.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

When interacting with the puzzle, use the L and R buttons to move the red dots around the circles. The L button rotates the left side of the puzzle and the R button rotates the right side. The goal is to get the red dots to go onto the green circles. When the dots align, the eyes on the door will start flashing and the door will open up. Make sure to pay attention to the direction the dots are moving. Sometimes you will need to make the red dots switch circles to be able to solve the puzzle.