How to open Wayfinder Troves during Astral Alignment Offensives in Destiny 2

To the winner goes the spoils.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost

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The Astral Alignment Offensive is a new activity in Destiny 2. It consists of a six-person team working together to make their way through the event, charging up their Wayfinder’s Compass to eventually battle against a Taken boss at the end of the event. You’ll have the chance to open up Wayfinder Troves during this activity. Here’s where you can find them and what it costs to open them.

You can find the Wayfinder Troves in an Astral Alignment Offensive. They become available at the end of the activity, and you have a few moments before the activity ends to open them. None of these troves are available for free. They all cost Parallax Trajectory, the new currency added for the Season of the Lost. Inside the trove will be a better gear piece to use to equip and increase your light level.

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Even if the chest is unlocked from another player in your Fireteam, you will not be able to access the items from it until you invest in the 150 Parallax Trajectory. Unlocking these chests is tied to a handful of challenges and quests that you can complete during the Season of the Lost for those who want to finish all of the Seasonal Challenges before Season of the Lost wraps up.

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