How to patch the Caves & Cliffs Holiday update features back into Minecraft Snapshot

Restore the new world height and more to your Minecraft Snapshots.

Below Zero World Height

With the announcement that the Caves & Cliffs update is being split into two smaller updates, the Summer Update and the Holiday Update, all of the features moved into the Holiday Update like world generation changes and the new world height have been removed from the current snapshot. That said, there is a way to patch the changes back in, it’s pretty easy to do.

1. Download The Caves & Cliffs Prototype Data Pack

2. Create a new world, and click on Data Packs

Data Pack option in create menu
Screenshot via Gamepur

3. Once on the Data Pack screen, drag and drop the .zip file you just downloaded onto it.

Data pack screen
Screenshot via Gamepur

4. When it asks if you want to add the pack, hit yes.

Import data pack
Screenshot via Gamepur

5. The added pack will appear in Available. Move it into Selected and hit Done.

Select the Pack
Screenshot via Gamepur

6. Once you create the world, it will be an experimental world, and ask if you want to proceed. Hit proceed to open your brand-new Minecraft Snapshot world.

Proceed with experimental world
Screenshot via Gamepur

This will give you a new world with all the Holiday Update features that have been released so far intact! This is world-by-world so that you can have patched and non-patched Snapshot worlds in the same directory. Repeat this process to add more patched worlds. It will ask you to backup and/or proceed or not open every time you access the world. Choose the option that works best for you.