How to pause and change speed of a session or race in F1 Manager 2022

Need a time out?

Image via Frontier Developments

F1 Manager 2022 is quite a bit different compared to F1 22. Rather than physically compete against some of the best Formula 1 drivers, users will instead act as team managers; they’ll control a wide variety of features, including managing facilities, personnel, and the car set-ups during an event. Users will be able to watch the simulated action of each race in the F1 circuit, as well as pause, slow, and speed up the racing. So, how can that be done? Here’s how to adjust playback in F1 Manager 2022.

How to pause and control speed of a session or race

While in a practice session, or a race in F1 Manager 2022, users will have the option to pause the actual action, just in case a break is needed.

During the event, Xbox players will want to hit X on the controller. For PlayStation users, hit Square. Once that is done, you will then see a number of different options come up on the screen. All of these options can be controlled via the d-pad.

If you hit left on the d-pad, this will slow the action for the event. Press right, and this will speed up the racing on the Formula 1 track.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you hit down on the d-pad. this will initiate a pause of the active event. Press down again to resume it.

Pressing B/Circle on the controller will exit the menu that controls the speed simulation time, as well as the ability to pause during an event. To re-enter this menu, just hit X/Square again.