How to perform the slip deke in NHL 21

Slip and slide past your opponents.

How to perform the slip deke in NHL 21

Image via EA Sports

The slip deke maneuver in NHL 21 is a skill you will need to learn to breeze past opponents if trapped between them and the boards. It enables you to maintain your speed, duke past them, and keep control of the puck all in one move.

Unlike other skills in NHL 21, such as theĀ Michigan deke, the slip move is an easy move to learn and utilize. Even though it is simplistic, it will be important to skip past opponents, especially the veteran players in online circuits.

To perform the slip deke in NHL 21, you will need to be funneled down a narrow gap between an opposition player and the boards. The boards are the wall that lines the rink if you are unaware of what that refers to.

If you are playing on PlayStation 4, you have to tap the L1 bumper on your controller. If you have NHL 21 on Xbox One, you will need to tap the LB bumper instead. By pressing either button, your character will swing their hips, which allows their upper body to evade opposition players and prevent you from being slammed into the board.

Your player should breeze past the opposition and catch up with the puck. You can perform this maneuver anywhere on the rink, so don’t worry about getting smashed into a particular area. Master this deke, and you will benefit greatly in any match.