How to pick locks in Signalis

Lock pick your way to a new area.

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Signalis will have your mind and heart racing simultaneously as you progress through its terrifying environment. The game’s combat and the enemies you encounter are challenging obstacles, but it’s the integrated in-game puzzles that will often have you scratching your head. The lock-picking sections are mainly a feature that becomes difficult to navigate initially. So to make your dystopian adventure a little less horrifying, we’ll be showing you how to pick locks in Signalis.

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How lock pick mechanics work in Signalis

The first lock-picking section you’ll encounter in Signalis will be in Block A6 of the Aeon Facility S-23 zone, but you’ll have to find the Service Hatch Key before starting this puzzle. The Service Hatch Key can be found on the west side of the facility in the elevator room. You’ll have to call for the elevator on the left side, after which you’ll be able to find the key within.

After you’ve found the key, you’ll have to use it on the north side entryway of Block A6 to open up a panel containing the door’s locking switch.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once inside the panel, you’ll be able to see the lock-picking device mounted within. Take a closer look at the device by clicking on it, and it will show you an image of the key teeth and the four buttons that can be used to adjust them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In order to activate the lock pick mechanism, your goal will be to align the silver parts of the pins with the bottom section of the chamber. This will require a bit of trial and error as you will often need to adjust the pins in order to get to the right position.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once the silver parts are aligned with the bottom section of the chamber, you’ll need to press the Function button found on its right side to activate it. The next area will then be accessible, and you’ll be able to continue your journey.