How to pin and unpin chat messages on Twitch

You can finally boost your favorite chat messages.

Image via Twitch

It’s been a long time coming for such a small tweak, but Twitch creators will finally be able to pin messages in their stream chat. The feature sees streamers and moderators able to temporarily pin certain chat messages to the top of the chat box to save them from being washed away by the tide of conversation. If you’re wondering how exactly this new feature works, look no further.

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Pinning and unpinning Twitch chat messages

Pinning is a simple task in Twitch, as demonstrated at the announcement of the feature. Hovering over the message in question normally just gives you the option to reply directly to them. However, with the new update, a new “Pin” button will appear next to the “Reply” icon. A streamer or moderator need only click “Pin” and the message will get its own dedicated box right at the top of the chat for all to see. Viewers can click on the box to expand or collapse it at their leisure.

To unpin the message, simply click the “Pin” button on the original message again, or presumably click the three-dot “Options” button in the pinned text box and unpin it from there.

Who can pin messages in Twitch chat?

The pinning feature will begin rolling out to select accounts in September 2022, so not everyone will have access to begin with. For those who do get the update, it appears that only streamers and moderators will have the power to pin and unpin messages.

Why pin Twitch chat messages?

Twitch has been non-specific about the reasons they expect creators to pin messages, simply saying that it wants to “really learn more about the use cases” as the feature gets rolled out, but there are all sorts of benefits. If a viewer offered some particularly helpful advice or made an excellent joke, you might want to showcase it in the chat. On the other hand, if there’s a message that a creator wants to get across, such as chat rules or a link to a donation link for a charity stream, pinning those messages can ensure that fans see them.