How to ping in Back 4 Blood

Point out important information to your fellow cleaners.

Ping systems have become a commonplace feature that should be included in any action game with a team element. It points out useful information to teammates and helps anyone in the game, regardless of whether they are in the chat channel or not. Enemy locations, valuable items, general areas they should look in, and more can all be covered with a good ping system. Here is how you ping in Back 4 Blood.

To ping in Back 4 Blood, all you need to do is press the Q key on PC, L1 on PlayStation, or LB on Xbox. When pressed, whatever you aim at will have a marker placed above it, and your character will call it out for the others. Players can ping enemies, weapons, attachments, ammo, and other pick-ups. However, even if your cursor is not placed on an item, you will place a marker for teammates to look at whatever you are aimed at. This can be helpful on locked doors that need to have a Toolkit to open them. Regardless of its use, the Ping system will be a significant aid in keeping your teammates alert to your surroundings.

Additionally, if you are playing Back 4 Blood on console, you can press up on d-pad which will bring up a wheel for you choose your next action from. From here you can put out a marker to group up in a certain area, approve or deny a teammate request, or put your spray down.

Screenshot by Gamepur