How to play a medic effectively in Foxhole – Medic guide

Keep them in the fight.

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In combat, a good medic is worth their weight in diamonds, and this is true for the war MMO Foxhole as well. In Foxhole, a medic will keep assaults alive far longer than otherwise possible, and can single-handedly keep defenders fighting as long as supplies are consistently coming into the front. All you need to play a medic effectively in Foxhole is a working microphone, and a couple of medic-related supplies from the nearest base.

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How to use healing items in Foxhole

Within Foxhole, regardless of which faction you chose, there are three healing items that become the backbone of an effective combat medic: Bandages, First Aid Kits, and Trauma Kits. All three have different times to use them, as well.

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Using Bandages in Foxhole

Bandages will not recover the HP of the user, nor the HP of those that it is used upon. Instead, Bandages stop the bleeding of soldiers, which can save their lives as long as they don’t take additional damage. If there are mass casualties, the first priority is to stop the bleeding of anyone still alive, which will save uses on the Trauma Kit later on.

How to use First Aid Kits in Foxhole

First Aid Kits are the more standard healing items in Foxhole. Equipping this item, then clicking on a wounded soldier (visible based on blood on their uniform) will use one of the ten charges on the kit, and also heal the soldier. This equipment is no longer usable after all ten charges have been used, and they’re pricier to craft than Bandages. If this is in your inventory, stay close to the backline, or have a squad escort you to the fighting.

How to use Trauma Kits in Foxhole

Trauma Kits act as a revive within Foxhole. Using the Blood Plasma equipment in tandem with the Trauma Kit will allow the medic to revive one dead soldier. As with the First Aid Kits, they’re expensive for Logi to craft, so don’t charge recklessly into the front line once you’re kitted with Trauma Kits. Setting up a triage area behind the front line, and informing players to bring the fallen and wounded there, is the best way to play as a dedicated medic.

Note that, while using the Medic uniform, Blood Plasma and Bandages both stack.

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Other roles of the medic in Foxhole

Communication is vital, and the best advocate for receiving healing items at a specified frontline is to open Logi chat, and request healing items at your specific front. When opening that map, your location info will be noted on the bottom left of the screen. You can make a request in Logi chat with requested items and coordinates, or you can place a new waypoint titled ‘Logi List’ and to allow a natural tracking and listing of requested items by everyone on that front.