How to play as Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village Mercenaries

You can now play as the internet’s favorite tall lady.

Image via Capcom

You can finally play as the fan-favorite Lady Dimitrescu in the Resident Evil: Village Winters’ Expansion. The villain is part of the Additional Orders DLC, a Bonus Mercenaries mode that includes extra stages. However, you’ll have to earn a certain rank in the DLC missions in Additional Orders to unlock the tall lady of the castle.

How to unlock Lady Dimitrescu in RE Village Mercenaries

Image via Capcom

When you purchase the Winters’ Expansion pass for Resident Evil: Village, you’ll receive exclusive stages for the Mercenaries’ Additional Orders DLC. Mercenaries mode is where you fight hordes of zombies in one location within a time limit. Traditionally, Mercenary mode limits the playable characters to humans, but for the Additional Orders, you can play as villains Dimitrescu and Heisenberg.

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Additional Orders can be found under the Bonus selection in the Main Menu and includes six Mercenary missions, with the last two exclusives to the Winters’ Expansion. Earning an A Rank in all the stages will unlock Heisenberg for you. You need to earn an S Rank in the sixth and final mission, labeled Bloody River, to unlock Alcina Dimitrescu.

Lady Dimitrescu in RE Village Mercenaries — Tips and Tricks

Image via Capcom

Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg are meant to be stronger than the typical human in Additional Orders. They use unnatural powers like Dimistrescu’s claws and Heisenberg’s strength to cut down the horde of enemies on a stage. You can press the trigger buttons on your Xbox or PlayStation controller to use Dimistrescu’s claws to cut down opponents. Pressing the left bumper on your controller will have Dimistrescu grab a nearby foe and slam them onto the floor.

Dimitrescu has a few projectile attacks, including summoning a swarm of insects to assault an enemy and throwing Ornate Vanity. She has a bar at the bottom of the screen called the Thrill Gauge, and when it is filled up, Dimitrescu can summon one of her daughters to attack any closeby monsters. The downside to playing as Lady Dimitrescu is she’s a bigger target for enemies to strike and isn’t as agile as someone like Chris or Ethan.