Resident Evil Village DLC Shadows of Rose starring Rosemary Winters announced

Coming this Halloween.

Image via Capcom

During the Capcom Showcase today, Capcom announced a new DLC story expansion for Resident Evil Village called the Shadows of Rose. SPOILERS ahead for the main Resident Evil Village storyline, but the Shadows of Rose stars Ethan Winters’s daughter Rosemary. Sixteen years after the events of the main storyline, Rosemary ends up in the care of a shady government organization and follows in her father’s footsteps by facing strange and dangerous monsters.

The announcement trailer for the DLC shows Rosemary wandering in a mysterious mansion that is similar to the one where Lady Dimitrescu’s lived in Village. Due to her unnatural birth, Rosemary has unique powers that differentiate her from other playable protagonists in the Resident Evil series. Unknown writing appears to her on the furniture and walls of the mansion, warning Rosemary to leave, and she soon encounters a doppelganger of herself deep in a cave. Following this, there is other strange encounters within the mansion, including meeting a person who looks a lot like the Duke from the main game. The Duke summons monsters at Rosemary, implying he may be the antagonist of the Shadow of Rose.

The Shadows of Rose DLC is part of the Winters’ Expansion for Resident Evil Village. The expansion includes an updated Mercenaries mode called Addition Orders, as well as a Third Person Mode for the main story that will allow gamers to play all of Resident Evil Village again from a new perspective. Third Person Mode is more closely similar to the camera setting as seen in the other Resident Evil games. Additional Orders will feature extra stages and have a selection of new playable characters including Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu.

The main game and the expansion can be bought together in a new package called Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. The expansion is slated to release on October 28.