How to play Batman in MultiVersus – Moves guide, Strategies, Perks, and more

Learn how to become the Night.

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The dark knight of Gotham City, Batman is a mid-range brawler in MultiVersus. He is currently the only character whose designation has changed from the older version, as he used to be marked as an assassin before. But some of that old designation remains with ol’ Bats because he’s very agile for a brawler character and his kit reflects a much more aggressive side of the archetype. If you’re just starting out with the Caped Crusader, read on to learn more about his attacks, abilities, and how to use him.

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How to play Batman in MultiVersus

Batman’s passive

  • Ninja Training — While INVISIBLE, Batman gains HASTEN and his attacks apply 3 STACKS of WEAKENED. Batman can dodge upward or diagonally upward from the ground.
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Batman’s ground attacks

  • Batarang (Neutral) — CHARGE and throw a Batarang ITEM. It can be aimed during flight and will return shortly. COOLDOWN applies. COOLDOWN is reduced if Batarang returns. On hit, applies 1 STACK of WEAKENED.
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  • Bat-Combo (Side) — A COMBO of punches ending in an uppercut
  • Clear the Air (Up) — CHARGE an overhead swing.
  • Bat-Slide (Down) — CHARGE a slide attack. CHARGING extends the distance of the slide. Input again to COMBO into a forward kick.

Batman’s air attacks

  • Aerial Batarang (Neutral) — Same as ground.
  • Bat-Strike (Side) — CHARGE a forward punch. Input again to COMBO into a jab that will rush forward until hitting an enemy.
  • Flying Uppercut (Up) — CHARGE an upward jab. Input again to COMBO into another swipe. Swipe on hit applies 1 STACK of WEAKENED.
  • Bat-Kick (Down) — A downward flip kick.

Batman’s ground specials

  • Bat-Bomb (Neutral) — Equip a Bat-Bomb. Hit an enemy with an attack afterward to attach the Bat-Bomb. The bomb will detonate shortly, and launch the victim upward. Throwing a Batarang while the bomb is equipped will attach the bomb. COOLDOWN applies if the Batarang does not return the bomb.
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  • Bat-Grapple (Side) — Batman will aim and then fire his grappling hook gun, attaching it to fighters or the environment. The grapple will pull him to its destination and he will hit enemies along the way.
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  • Rising Bat (Up) — Batman can CHARGE an uppercut that launches him into the air.
  • Smoke Bomb (Down) – Batman detonates a smoke bomb, enveloping him and nearby fighters in smoke. While in smoke, Batman and his allies are given INVISIBILITY, receive PROJECTILE SIDESTEP, and gain faster recharge for their DODGE METER. Allies also receive brief INVULNERABILITY. Enemies inside the smoke are slowed. COOLDOWN applies.

Batman’s air specials

  • Bat-Bomb (Neutral) — Same as ground.
  • Bat-Grapple (Side) — Same as ground.
  • Rapid Rising Bat (Up) — Similar to ground without CHARGE.
  • Crashing Justice (Down) — Batman kicks down and rockets to the ground, controlling his direction as he goes.

Batman’s Perks

  • Aerial Acrobat (Level 2) — Your team receives 10% increased air acceleration.
  • Gravity Manipulation (Level 4) — Your team receives 10% increased fast fall speed.
  • Hit ‘Em While They’re Down (level 7) — Your team deals 5% increased damage when hitting debuffed enemies.
  • Bouncerang (Level 8) — Hitting an enemy with the Batarang while it is returning to Batman will apply maximum stacks of WEAKENED debuff.
  • Precision Grapple (Level 10)  — Batman’s grappling hook emits a powerful blast when Batman arrives at his destination. However, he deals less damage and knockback while his grapple reels him in.
  • That’s (Not) All, Folks! (Level 11) — Ringing out enemies while near the edge of the arena pushes the attacker back towards the main stage.
  • Up, Up, and A-Slay (Level 12) — Your team deals 5% increased damage with attacks that knockback enemies upward.

Tips and strategies for playing Batman in MultiVersus

Like most brawlers, Batman likes to play up close and personal. He’s most at home when he’s able to chain combos of his side attack, Bat-combo, while being able to stick a stealthy Bat-Bomb special on cooldown. 

His mobility is amazing for a brawler, and he is able to use his gliding and grapple hook to set up attacks from all angles or save himself from tough spots. One of his weaknesses is that his air game is a bit lacking compared to what he can do on the ground, so clever Batman players will look for ways to leverage his maneuverability to offset this flaw.

Another thing to note is that while smart opponents will look for ways to kite Batman or keep him at arm’s length, you can always trust your Batarangs to show them why that’s a bad idea. And moreover, you should seek to spread and stack as many WEAKENED debuffs on your enemies as you can, giving yourself and your partner an advantage throughout the combat.