How to play Wonder Woman in MultiVersus – moves guide, strategies, perks, and more

A guide detailing tips, tricks, attacks, abilities, and perks of Wonder Woman in MultiVersus.

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Every game always does everything it can to put its best foot forward. For MultiVersus, that foot forward is Wonder Woman. The Goddess of Truth is so crucial to MultiVersus that you unlock her after finishing the basic tutorial. This guide breaks down all the best tips and tricks and helps you understand the best perks of Wonder Woman to bring into battle in MultiVersus.

All Wonder Woman moves, attacks, and abilities in MultiVersus, explained

Passive ability (Bracer Meter):

an image of Wonder Woman throwing her Lasso of Truth at Shaggy in MultiVersus
Screenshot by Gamepur

When Wonder Woman blocks a projectile with her shield, or if she is hit while she is in an armored state, she fills a meter, which will power up her Amazon Shout ability. Amazon Shout is Wonder Woman’s Down Attack that you can only use on the ground. If you charge the move, it becomes a blast that knocks people back. The effect is even more powerful if you have the Passive meter built up.

Neutral Special (Lasso of Truth):

Screenshot by Gamepur

Wonder Woman throws out her Lasso, and it brings both allies and enemies near her. After this attack finishes, the ability will go on a cooldown. In our testing, that cooldown was about 13 seconds when using the cooldown reduction perk listed later in this guide.

Ground Side Special (Warrior’s Charge)

Wonder Woman will charge at the enemy, bashing them with her shield. The best part about this ability is that if you hold the button down, the shield will stay up and block all projectiles.

Air side Special (Soaring Punch)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This move is Wonder Woman’s only unique air Special. It’s a simple punch that will push you toward whichever direction you push it and can be used for edge grabs and getting from one mid-air platform to another.

Up Special (Flying Warrior)

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This move is similar to Warriors Charge, with the added bonus of the shield becoming a platform for teammates to stand on. If you hold the move in the air, you will slowly float down and keep the platform alive for longer.

Down Special (Defense of the Gods)

Our favorite move in Wonder Woman’s kit is the down special acts as a fantastic support ability. This ability will Cleanse any debuffs on you and your teammate and protect you from damage for a few seconds. Because of the massive utility of this move, the cooldown is much longer and is about 28 seconds.

How to play Wonder Woman in MultiVersus — tips, tricks, and strategies

In-game, Wonder Woman is a Tank with a focus on horizontal attacks. Wonder Woman is best in the 2v2 mode, where her down special can help you both. In between cooldowns, you can use Warriors Charge to do your best to force your opponent off stage.

If you’re feeling extra aggressive, you can use the universal launcher. Every character has to launch the enemy and then use the aerial version of Flying Warrior to use the kickback to force the opponent off the upper part of the screen. Stick close to your teammate and make use of the ability to pull them back toward you when you can, or get super aggressive and edge guard by letting your teammate jump out to the edge and force them back toward you.

All Wonder Woman perks in MultiVersus, explained

  • Kryptonian skin: UInlocks at level 2. Your team receives 4% less damage.
  • Coffeezilla: Unlocks level 4) 10% Cooldown reduction for your team.
  • Equip ally perks: Unlocks level 6) Share perks in team games.
  • Whip of Hephaestus: Unlocks level 8) the tip of Wonder Woman’s lasso will knockback enemies.
  • Grapple of Hermes: Unlocks level 10) The Lasso of Truth becomes a grappling hook and you travel to the endpoint.
  • Back to Back: Unlocks level 11) Take 6% less damage when near a teammate
  • Sheild of Athena: Unlocks level 12) Dodging creates a barrier to stop projectiles
  • The Purist of Motivations: Unlocks level 13) Your team deals 15% damage for the first 10 seconds after a teammate is rung out.

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