How to play games on Netflix

Netflix gaming has begun.

Image via Netflix

Now that Netflix has rolled out games across its service, with a promised evolving library of titles, you’re probably wondering where to get started. Our guide below should help you get sorted with gaming on Netflix.

The first step on your gaming journey is ensuring you have an active Netflix subscription. With the service offering three different pricing structures, it doesn’t matter which tier you pay for. Any subscription works.

Accessing the games

With the subscription barrier surpassed, all you need now is an Android phone or tablet. The Netflix app will have a new dedicated row and tab for games on Android devices. From here, you’re able to download any existing titles. Netflix claims its library won’t feature ads or additional fees such as in-app purchases. These games aren’t accessible on iOS devices at the moment, but they are planned to come in the future.

Additional options

Most games on the service are available in the languages offered by the core Netflix streaming service, defaulting to your profile’s preferred language. If a game doesn’t support your language, it’ll default to English.

Much like with the movie side of the service, multiple users are able to play games under the same account on different devices. Netflix will notify you once you’ve hit your device limit, letting you decide whether to sign out of a device in use or deactivate unused devices remotely.

If you’re worried about the state of parental controls, none of the games will be playable on kids’ profiles. For a child to be able to play games, the same PIN that gates access to adult profiles will need to be used when logging into Netflix on the desired device.

Is online connectivity required

This depends on the title. Some games on the service will require a constant internet connection whereas others are playable offline.