How to play Gizmo in MultiVersus – Moves, strategies, perks, and more

Don’t be a gremlin; learn to use Gizmo properly.

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When it comes to raising a Mogwai, there are three rules: no sunlight, no water, and no food after midnight. When it comes to playing Gizmo in MultiVersus, there’s only one: know your role. Gizmo is a support character, and while he has offensive and defensive options, your main goal should be supporting your teammate. Here’s the best way to do that.

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Gizmo’s key abilities and how to use them

Song of the Mogwai (Neutral Special)

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You’ll be using this one a lot when you go on the offensive, as it’s Gizmo’s main damage dealer. When held, he creates music notes around him; when used in the air, they travel in a straight line. These notes stack and eventually debuff the enemy, and they can also follow your teammate’s projectiles to add hitstun. Use it to deal your own damage, and use it to boost your partner’s ranged attacks often.

Beep Beep! / Umbrella Bash (Side Special)

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When used on the ground, Gizmo’s side special sends him driving around in a little car. This is a very effective zoning strategy, and your teammate can drive the car once you exit.

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In the air, Gizmo’s side special becomes an umbrella charge. The umbrella blocks projectiles, which is good on its own, but you can also glide for a moment by holding the move. This makes it an excellent horizontal recovery option.

Gizmo-A-Go-Go (Up Special)

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On its own, this move doesn’t do too much. You can get a little extra air, bash an enemy, or dash to your side special car (which will cause it to explode after a moment). Using this by your teammate is the real purpose: Gizmo will scamper onto their back, removing any debuffs in the process. While attached, you’ll still take damage, but you can use all your regular attacks, pairing particularly well with Song of the Mogwai. Sticking together is key for a support character like Gizmo.

Corrugated Camouflage / Falling Furball (Down Special)

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Finally, Gizmo has a defensive option with his down special. The box blocks projectiles, which is always useful. When used in the air, Gizmo will slam down on an enemy, making it a useful move anytime you find yourself above one.

Best Gizmo perks

Given his propensity for projectiles, the likes of Make It Rain Dog, Deadshot, and Shirt Cannon Sniper are must-haves. Back to Back is also clutch, as you’ll spend a lot of time teamed up during Gizmo-A-Go-Go. As for Gizmo’s signature perks, Power Cuddle is also super useful for when you’re on your buddy’s back.