How to play golf in Terraria

Golf comes to Terraria and relies on your creativity.

Image via Re-Logic.

Golf has come to Terraria, and you can tee off and make your ideal course. All it takes is little elbow grease to create it, a ball, and a cup to catch the ball you’re attempting to hit. The golf mechanics come with Update 1.4, and players can access a variety of new options to create their ideal golf course or even bring some friends over to try out a tricky course.

How to get started

There are several new pieces of golf equipment in Terraria that give you access to the game. These items include golf clubs, balls, a golf whistle, golf tee and cup, a golf cart mount, trophies, paintings, a lawnmower to mow grass, arrow signs, and much more. You won’t need all of these items to start a simple game, but you have the flexibility to include as many of them as you want in your golf game.

The items you do need to start your game of golf include a golf ball, tee, iron, and a golf cup. You can purchase them from the Golfer NPC who spawns in the game.

To start your game, you need to place your golf tee down in front of you. The tee gives you the ability to place the ball on top of it, which raises it from the ground and gives you a better range to use your golf club. Your ball will go farther while sitting on a tee. When it is not on a tee, you can hit a golf ball, but it won’t go as far.

There are four different golf clubs available for you to use: the putter, the wedge, the iron, and the driver. You want to use your various golf clubs for different situations. The driver is great for hitting a ball long distances, so you likely want to use it first. The iron is suitable for medium lengths and goes particularly far in a straight, fluid line. The wedge is ideal for removing your ball from steep and rough terrain. The final club, the putter, is better for short distances, perfect when you’re right next to the golf cup.

After your character swings their club on the ball, your camera moves with the ball until it stops moving. It makes it harder to lose the ball, especially for those long-distance shots. If you do lose the golf ball, you can locate it using the map, your mini-map, and while holding a golf club, an arrow will be pointing at the golf ball to make it easy to find.

Your goal is to hit your ball into wherever you have placed the golf cup for that course. When your golf makes it inside the golf cup, you will have completed the round of golf, and you will receive a score. The lower the score, the better because each time you swing your golf club and hit the ball, it counts as a point. The player who does this the fewest amount of times before making it into the golf cup wins a round a golf, and the game.

You can make getting to the golf cup extremely tricky or complicated. You can modify the terrain everywhere in the game, and the ball does interact with the environment differently depending on what it hits. When creating a course, keep this in mind when attempting to make a challenge for your friends who want to try and obtain the lowest score.

How to level up golfing

The best way to level up your golfing game is to repeatedly use the golfing equipment available to you and play the game of golf. The more games of golf you play, the higher level at golfing your character becomes. As you level up and become better at the game, when you find and speak with the golfer NPC, they will have a range of additional items available for you. Make sure to level up your golfing level, and to regularly return to them.

You can make your golf course intricate or straightforward, depending on what you’d like to do. The items to play golf inside of Terraria come with Update 1.4 and are available for every player who owns the game.