How to play Hide and Seek in Among Us

The community created game mode will be officially supported.

Image via Innersloth

Once Among Us became recognized by the larger gaming community, it took off as one of the most popular video games you could play. During that time, those players got creative with the game handed to them and began thinking of new unofficial game modes to play with their friends. Hide and Seek was born during this time and became so popular that Innersloth decided to include it as an official game mode. Here is how to play Hide and Seek in Among Us.

When you get into a game of Hide and Seek in Among Us, the rules are changed slightly to adapt to a more fun experience. For starters, while players are usually told to mute their microphones and not talk to each other except in meetings, everyone can speak in a match until they are killed.

In most Hide and Seek community games, there is only one Impostor per match, who will be the seeker in the game. They are made known to the lobby at the beginning of the game and will be playing with a tiny circle of vision around their character. This is meant to make it so they have to seek out players and get close to kill them. At the start of the match, they wait at least about ten seconds so the Crewmates can run and hide.

As for Crewmates, they, of course, play the role of hiders. They have large circles of vision, so they can see anything happening on their screen at all times. There is an understanding not to report any dead bodies, meaning there will be no meetings during this game. They can communicate with each other and tell each other where the Impostor is at all times except for if they are killed. Crewmates are also not restricted to finding one place and staying there until found. They can roam the map at their own will.

Other than that, you likely can imagine how a game of Hide and Seek is performed in Among Us. The game goes until the Impostor has killed everyone, although Innersloth may work in some new mechanics for their official update to the game. We will update this article in the future if any relevant changes are made.