Among Us roadmap – new colors, Map 5 details, and roles

The sus never stops.

Among Us

Image via Innersloth/YouTube

Those hard-working beans in Among Us are still at it, with developer Innersloth laying out an entire content roadmap for the game. While the roadmap itself is still quite loose in terms of date and the order in which these features will arrive, the content itself appears quite substantial. Innersloth has previously talked about new colors and improvements to the account system, but there are some interesting shakeups to the actual gameplay to note.

New colors and cosmetics

Among Us will support 15 players after an update, and there are six new colors to accommodate the increased player count.

  • Coral
  • Tan
  • Rose
  • Maroon
  • Banana
  • Gray

And while Among Us players can already wear hats, the game will add visor cosmetics that players can wear along with their hats. Some visors included sunglasses, an eye patch, and a mustache. Some cosmetics previously in the hat slot like the surgical mask and “DUM” sticky note appear to be taking a visor slot instead.

Among Us Roadmap
Image via Innersloth

New roles and game modes

Players of Among Us enjoyed changing up match settings to build their own hide-and-seek mode; with a future update, a native Hide ‘n’ Seek mode will actually be a native part of the game. From the looks of it, the Imposter will have an even more limited field of view while trying to find Crewmates one by one.

Additionally, Among Us will add in new roles to the game — that is, roles other than Crewmate and Imposter. It’s analogous to other similar games such as Werewolf or Avalon, with the new roles in Among Us including Sheriff and Scientist. How these roles will function is unknown as of yet.

Map 5 in Among Us

Hilariously, the Summer Game Fest trailer for the Among Us roadmap showed nothing of Map 5, except for a lone rectangular object — a button, maybe?

Other quality of life additions

Among Us will add cross-progression with the account system, allowing players to carry over their cosmetics and statistics across all platforms they play the game on. Additionally, the game will add achievements. And while there is no release date yet, Among Us is still due for release for Xbox and PlayStation.