How to play Jager in Rainbow Six Siege: gadget, weapon, and more

Your team’s best answer to enemy explosives.

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As one of the most underrated operators in Rainbow Six Siege, it’s clear most players aren’t in awe by Jager — ultimately due to him not having an explosive or deadly ability in his arsenal. Albeit, the operator, is arguably one of the most gifted when it comes to maintaining the lives of teammates. He may not be the flashiest, but Jager’s main gadget and additional tools aid greatly in getting key intel and securing an easy win.


Screenshot by Gamepur

You see above Jager’s Active Defense System, a device that defuses all enemy grenades (lethal or tactical) before they explode. In each match, Jager will be given three to place wherever desired, including walls and floors. You’ll likely get the most out of the device when at least one is set near each objective — as your teammates will likely be sitting nearby.

If you’re playing with a group of friends, we recommend communicating with them where they will be most of the match and setting the system next to them. As the device picks up on grenades within a five-foot radius, your teammate should stay fairly close to it to ensure they are neither stunned nor damaged.

Weapon loadout

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Out of all the operators, Jager’s loadout forces possibly the toughest of choices. Truthfully, we recommend only going with the M870 shotgun in tighter maps, such as Presidential Plane. As there are more larger locations than not, you’ll mainly need to go with the 416-C Carbine for its low recoil and high fire rate.

For getting the most out of the assault rifle and Jager’s sole pistol, here’s the collection of attachments we advise applying.

  • 416-C Carbine assault rifle
    • Sights: Holographic
    • Barrel: Flash Hider
    • Grip: Vertical Grip
  • P12 pistol
    • Barrel: Suppressor
    • Underbarrel: Laser
  • Additional Gadget: Bulletproof Camera

Best tricks for succeeding with Jager

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With communication being key to playing as Jager, we believe using the last of your three Active Defense systems outside of each objective’s room. This will not only provide you and your teammates more breathing room from grenades, as it may even let you know where the opposing team is if they shut it down.

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When doing this, make sure also to have the Bulletproof Camera watching the device from a secure area. As demonstrated above, when the system was unexpectedly heard being taken out during one of our matches, we immediately turned on the camera to discover two enemies creeping up to an objective.