How to play Jake the Dog in MultiVersus – Moves guide, Strategies, Perks, and more

Splat your enemies into bacon pancakes!

Image via Warner Bros.

Jake the Dog from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time is the ultimate big brother, and even in MultiVersus, he fits that role perfectly. The cool, chill guy that he is, Jake is all about keeping his brother safe and looking cool while doing it. He is a deceptively simple character to play that still offers many opportunities for creative players to excel. So, if you’re looking to get into playing Jake, follow our guide to learn his abilities, perks, and some tips on how to utilize him.

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How to play Jake in MultiVersus

Jake’s ground attacks

  • Totally Spiky! (Neutral) — CHARGE a powerful spike ball swing that BREAKS ARMOR.
  • Hambone Break! (Side) — A COMBO of punches ending in a belly bump.
  • Don’t Axe! (Up) — CHARGE an axe swing overhead. CHARGING extends the range of the swing.
  • Splits! (Down) — CHARGE a two way split kick that BREAKS ARMOR.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Jake’s air attacks

  • Belly Balloon (Neutral) — Jake expands his belly, knocks enemies forward, then combos into a mallet spin that breaks armor.
  • Hambone Brake! (Side) — Jake CHARGE and aims a stretchy punch that has a SWEETSPOT at the end of its stretch.
  • Hammer It Up! (Up) — Jake deals a COMBO of spike ball swings.
  • Where’s My Halfpipe? (Down) — Pull out a skateboard for some sweet tricks. If Jake lands on enemies or allies, he will bounce off and do a new trick. The third hit will apply IGNITED.

Jake’s specials

Note that all of Jake’s ground specials work the same way in the air.

  • Rubber Stomach, Dude! (Neutral) — Jake will eat nearby fighters, DISABLING them and carrying them in his tummy. Press input again to aim and spit fighters. Allies can input and aim to spit themselves out. Enemies receive maximum STACKS of WEAKENED. Allies can gain ARMOR. Spitting a fighter makes them a PROJECTILE. COOLDOWN applies.
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Neigh and Stuff! (Side) — Jake transforms into a horse and gallops. CHARGE to increase duration. His back becomes a platform for allies.
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Stretchin’ Out (Up) — CHARGE and stretch Jake’s head upward while his buns stay behind. Enemies that touch Jake are knocked back. After stretching, Jake’s buns become a PROJECTILE that snaps back to his head. Jake can only be hit on his head.
  • That’s Heavy, Dude (Down) — Jake will transform into something heavy and slam to the ground. CHARGE to stay transformed. PROJECTILES that hit Jake will be REFLECTED. Fighters will bounce off Jake. If an ally bounces off Jake, Jake will emit a poof PROJECTILE that knocks away enemies.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Jake’s Perks

  • Lumpy Space Punch (level 2) — Your team deals 5% more damage with melee attacks in the air.
  • ‘Toon Elasticity (level 4) — Your team receives a 20% reduction to ground and wall bounce velocity.
  • Leg Day Champ (level 7) — Your team receives 10% jump height.
  • Sticky (level 8) — Enemies that touch Jake while he’s stretching are briefly stunned, making them easier to hit with his buns.
  • Stay Limber, Dude (level 10) — Jake’s House ability bounces back into the air after hitting the ground.
  • Triple Jump (level 11) — Your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy while in air.
  • Second Wing Beneath Your Wings (level 12) — Your team refreshes air special attacks after ringing out an enemy.
  • Tasmanian Trigonometry (level 13) — Your team receives a 15% increased base knockback influence.

Tips and strategies for playing Jake in MultiVersus

Jake is a great proactive support character for a high-damage aggressive partner. His abilities let him clear and command space, especially with his stretchy weapon hands’ knockback and his belly bumps. Jake’s transformations are a great way to add chaos to the battlefield, and the trick is to decide on which one to use at the right time.

But the real MVP is his neutral special — Rubber Stomach, Dude!, which he can use to devastating effect. When enemies are close to breaking, he can spit them out right off the screen, making him a menace to get close to once they’ve taken enough damage.

Even though his abilities give him some measure of range after being charged, Jake would still want to be in the thick of things, where his space clearing potential is at its highest. His goal should be to keep the enemy assassins off of his partner and bully them around the ledge for as much as possible, effectively wasting their time.