How to play Minecraft on Oculus Quest 2

It only takes a few steps before you can fully play Minecraft on your Oculus Quest 2 headset.

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Minecraft is one of the best games to just exist in. There is something about the quiet ambiance of the randomly generated game world mixed with the relaxing piano melody that can just make the player forget about the existence of time and get sucked into the world of Minecraft. Now, how would you make that experience even more immersive? Booting the game up on your Oculus Quest 2 of course.

There are two separate options if you want to jump into Minecraft on the Oculus Quest 2. There is Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Java Edition. Both of the versions of the game are fully playable on the Oculus Quest 2. With that said though, there will be some initial setup parameters that must be taken before jumping into the game on your headset.

Minecraft Bedrock edition will be the easiest option if you would like the least amount of preparations. The only additional software you will need to have installed is the Oculus Link app. Once you have the app installed, make sure to have your headset linked and ready to run the game from your PC. Once those parameters have been met, open the Oculus Link application and launch the game.

Minecraft Java Edition will require some more setup preparations. However, it might be a little more beneficial in the long run due to the inclusion of mods. Now you can experience your favorite Thomas the Tank Engine Minecraft mod in VR!

To get the Java edition of Minecraft running on your Oculus Quest 2, you will once again need the Oculus Link app installed, a copy Minecraft Java Edition, the Java client to program and run the application, Vivecraft (a mod that lets you run Mineraft Java on your headset), and finally, SteamVR.

After all of those applications have been installed, go ahead and open up Oculus Link and SteamVR. Select the Airline Interface on your Oculus Quest 2 headset. This can be done by clicking the Oculus button on your controller and then selecting the monitor icon to open the virtual desktop. Once this has been done, look for the Minecraft Java Edition under the Vivecraft version. Once you find it, select play and you are all set to play.