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How to play Newcastle in Apex Legends – best tips and strategies

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Newcastle has arrived in Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors. With the addition of this new defensive character, players will need to approach matches differently than they would with someone like Octane or Wraith. Here are some tips and strategies to keep in mind while you are playing Newcastle in Apex Legends.

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Tips and strategies for Newcastle in Apex Legends

Newcastle is essentially a Tank character that should have you focusing on protecting your team in high-pressure situations. He is not a lone wolf character, so you want a team that generally sticks together. If you deploy your shields at the right time, you give your team a much better chance of surviving engagements with enemies.

When to use Newcastle’s abilities

Newcastle’s Tactical Ability is Mobile Shield, which gives him a moving barrier that has two health pools for the higher and lower portions of the shield. This ability should be used whenever you and your team engage an enemy. The width of the shield is not super big, but if you fit your team together behind it, you are giving everyone much more cover. This being the only movable shield in Apex Legends alone makes Newcastle worth a pick on your team.

As for the character’s Ultimate, Castle Wall will have him leap to the designated area and put down an electrified fortification wall that will damage any enemies on the outside of it who get too close.

Newcastle’s passive ability allows him to drag and revive fallen teammates while putting up his Knockdown Shield to protect both people. Because of this, it would probably be a good idea to let the Newcastle on your team always have first dibs on the better Knockdown Shields you come across.

Newcastle strategies

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  • As mentioned, Newcastle wants to stay in close proximity to his teammates. If you have your Ultimate ready, stay within 35 meters of them at all times. If you slam into an enemy while deploying the Castle Wall, you will knock them back and set your team up to hit them hard.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Mobile Shield to close the distance between you and enemies, but keep in mind they can charge you back and destroy either portion of the shield easily if multiple people are firing into it.
  • While this Newcastle should be the team’s first choice to revive downed teammates in combat, you will want to avoid doing that outside of a fight. While reviving, Newcastle makes a lot of noise, so you could inadvertently attract an additional team to your location while you are recovering. Also, if you have a weak Knockdown Shield, think twice before you run in and try reviving a teammate. Unless you can drag them behind cover, you are leaving yourself out in the open to get hit hard.
  • Finally, while Newcastle’s Mobile Shield and Castle Wall are both strong defensive abilities, they both have a significant flaw. They can be easily flanked, so do not get complacent watching one area and letting your team get hit from behind by a sneaking Wraith or a third-party team. Also, watch out for Mad Maggie, Bangalore, or Gibraltar Ultimates.

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