How to play Pixel Speedrun unblocked

Sneak past your school or workplace’s firewall!

Pixel Speedrun Level 1 Gameplay

Screenshot by Gamepur

Whether you are enjoying a break between classes or are trying to pass idle time at work, Pixel Speedrun is an excellent “time-killer” platformer to keep you occupied for dozens of minutes. Its gameplay mechanics and simplistic pixelated design are easy enough to grasp and offer a good challenge. However, those attempting to play this game on the Construct Engine’s official website might be disappointed to find out that their school or office’s internet system has blocked their beloved platformer. Luckily, there are covert methods you can use to still play Pixel Speedrun unblocked wherever you are.

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Best ways to play Pixel Speedrun unblocked

Playing Pixel Speedrun unblocked Level 4 Gameplay
Screenshot by Gamepur

While there are doubtless many creative workarounds to playing Pixel Speedrun unblocked, we have tested four methods to see which works best. The first involved using web proxy sites like “” and “Steganos” to play the platformer. However, this approach did not work. Our second procedure involved downloading and installing the Tor Browser from its official website. Nevertheless, despite the Tor Browser’s many uses, playing Pixel Speedrun unblocked is not one of them. Conversely, our last two methods worked flawlessly with little disruption. 

Using a browser proxy unlocker to play Pixel Speedrun unblocked

Playing Pixel Speedrun unblocked with Hola Proxy Unblocker
Screenshot by Gamepur

The first of our two working methods for playing Pixel Speedrun unblocked was using an in-browser proxy unlocker like the Hola extension. This extension’s premium offerings are naturally superior, but we had no issue with connection or lag while playing Pixel Speedrun on Construct’s website. However, keep in mind that free services like this will occasionally cover your browser’s UI with premium ads attempting to persuade you to pay for their services. Regardless, we were still pleased with Hola’s performance in allowing us to play Pixel Speedrun.

Using a VPN to play Pixel Speedrun unblocked

Playing Pixel Speedrun unblocked with Tunnel Bear VPN
Screenshot by Gamepur

The second and naturally superior approach to playing Pixel Speedrun¬†unblocked is through a VPN. You have likely heard of Nord VPN, Surf Shark, and many others while browsing YouTube videos and various websites. However, we decided to use Tunnel Bear’s free 2GB freemium offer to play Pixel Speedrun. There were no connection issues, and we weren’t interrupted by ads or any¬†pop-ups. The main downside of a paid VPN like Tunnel Bear would be the limited data usage, but we found the experience much smoother and more enjoyable than a browser proxy unlocker. After all, not much data is used when playing a small browser game like Pixel Speedrun.