How to play Push game mode in Overwatch 2

Our team has control of the robot.

Image via Activision

Overwatch 2 has added the Push game mode for you to try out alongside your friends. For many, it might feel similar to the Payload one, but now the enemy team has a chance to bring the central objective across the map. Your goal is to bring the objective, the Robot, further across to the enemy team’s side, further than they can push it towards yours. This guide will cover how to play the Push game mode in Overwatch 2.

How to play Push in Overwatch 2

When you start the match, the robot will be sitting in the middle of the map. For the first few seconds, it will remain neutral, and you will be able to move it until it activates. Once it does, you will need to have more players on it than your enemy does, starting the robot. While under your team’s control, the robot will move towards the enemy side and attempt to push the barrier further into their territory.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Each side will have checkpoints they can reach. If you do not reach these checkpoints and your hero perishes during the battle, they will be sent back to their original spawn point while pushing the robot. However, if you reach the checkpoint, you will spawn at a closer respawn point, making it easier to return to the objective. The dots indicate these checkpoints on the Push icon at the top.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The winner of the Push match will be the one who gets the robot closer to the enemy base. You can see who is winning based on the higher number, which will also be highlighted. If you’re winning, your side’s number will be highlighted in blue. If the enemy is in the lead, their side’s number will be highlighted in red.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Your side can lose if they were previously in control of the robot, but you can still edge out a victory if you keep control of the robot and push it further than the enemy. If the enemy team knocks you off the robot while they have the higher number, overtime will be over, and you will lose the game.

Push is a five-versus-five player game with one tank, two DPS, and two support heroes.