How to play Rick in MultiVersus – Moves, strategies, perks, and more

How to wubba lubba dub win.

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With the addition of Rick Sanchez, the Rick and Morty duo is now complete in MultiVersus. As a textbook mad scientist, Rick has a some seriously wild moves at his disposal. They’re fun to use, but they can be tricky to use effectively. Here are some important strategies for making use of this madman.

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Rick’s key abilities and how to use them

Meeseek and Destroy / Meeseeks, Up Here! (Neutral Special)

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When used on the ground, Mr. Meeseeks will briefly act as a support fighter, delivering a few blows. Upon summoning him, you can press up or down to deliver an uppercut or a golf club swing, respectively. The former works as great launcher, setting you up for a combo. Use the move in the air, and Meeseeks will appear on your back, flapping about. This has less utility, but you can use it to catch an enemy above you in the air or on an upper platform.

Basrick Portal Theory / Aerial Portal Stunts (Side Special)

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This is the focus of Rick’s move set, as it should be. The Portal Gun has a ton of uses, and the portals it leaves behind can be utilized in several ways. Upon firing a second portal, you’ll zip back to the first one, making this an effective recovery move too. Once created, you can send projectiles through the portal, and that goes for your teammate too. Other characters can also pass through the portal, but it’ll shrink after that, only allowing projectiles to go through at that point. Allies can dodge to warp through; enemies can be knocked back through it. As you can tell, there are many situations in which the portals come in handy. You can send an enemy into an abyss, rescue your teammate from across the map, or simply fire shots that hook around from a surprising angle.

Jetpack. NBD. / Goin’ Even Higher (Up Special)

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Conversely, Rick’s upward recovery move is very simple. This is really just an extra jump that deals damage, so use it to strike enemies above you or catch yourself before falling off the bottom of the screen.

Polymorphrick Ray / Freefall Polymorpher (Down Special)

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Rick’s down special is his main buff/debuff. It fires a ray that transforms anyone caught in its area of effect after a moment. This will enlarge your teammate and buff their strength, or it will morph an enemy into a weakened, bobble-headed Reindog. It’s good to keep these effects going throughout the battle, and you can also use the ray as a zoning tool or edge guard.

Best Rick perks

Rick can invoke a number of effects with his weapons, so perks that compliment the projectiles they fire or the debuffs they cause are essential. These include Painted Target, Deadshot, and Make It Rain Dog. Since many of them also rely on a cooldown, Coffeezilla is a must-have. As for Rick’s unique perks, Squanchin’ Pyrotechnics is great for anyone who loves using the Portal gun, while Bit of a Stickler Meeseeks will complement your debuffs quite nicely.