How to play Seer in Apex Legends

Embrace yourself, and know strength without fear.

Seer adjusting his hat

Image via Respawn

Seer is a Legend all about tracking down your enemies and going in for the kill when they are exposed and vulnerable. But what does playing Seer in Apex Legends really look like? Seer is a Recon Legend, and not even the first to revolve around a tracking mechanic, but his kit is very different from characters like Bloodhound and Crypto. This guide focuses on strategy, tips, and tricks on how to play as Seer. Let’s take a deep dive in how to lay Season 10’s Legend, Obi “Seer” Edolasim.

Spam your ADS

Using your Aim Down Sights (ADS) as Seer is great because you can track down an enemy team this way with his passive, Heart Seeker. But the best way to use it is to scan when you are about to enter a new area, such as a building, sublocation, or anywhere there could be enemies within that you may not have a line of sight to. This can prevent your team from getting ambushed, and remember: You can ADS with Seer even when you are not carrying a weapon. Bring up the Heart Seeker at any time.

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Play the middle

Your ultimate ability, Exhibit, tracks enemies in a sphere shape. The best way to optimize this, to cover a majority of the area you are in if there is any kind of verticality, is to play in the middle of the area. In a building, this would be the second or third floor rather than the roof. Playing the median of your current location is powerful because then you can see movements on every floor of a building or every level of another type of Point of Interest (POI) with verticality. Once you have placed your heart, track down the enemy team, and take them down for good.

The freeze can break an enemy

Even after the major nerf, the Seer’s tactical, Focus of Attention, is still a powerful ability. Being able to track a hit player is great, but the best part is actually the freeze. This can be used to prevent a revive, a heal, of even an ability. Cut an enemy player off from using a Shield Battery or from reviving a teammate. This ability hits where it hurts and hard, then use the tracking element to plan your attack and kill your prey at their most vulnerable.

Overall, Seer’s kit is unique, and if utilized right: very deadly.