How to play the FIFA 21 closed beta

Codes for the closed beta have already gone out. Did you make it?


FIFA 21 is the next European football game to be released by EA, also called soccer by those who live in the United States. The game releases on October 6, but it has a closed beta available for specific players. Only a small number of interested fans were able to acquire a code to give the game a try before it goes out to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, PC, and eventually, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

The only way to receive a closed beta code from EA is to have received it from them through your email. They sent codes out to players who are verified FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) champion players and those who have 27 wins during a Weekend League competition. Players who do not meet the FUT requirements are unlikely to receive a code for the game. It’s also only available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so if you don’t have these consoles, it’s also unlikely you can make use of the code EA sends out.

You can redeem the code on EA’s support website to prepare to play. Players won’t be able to receive assistance from EA’s advisors regarding any issues about the game but they can share their experiences on the FIFA 21 closed beta forums.

These requirements are a bit beyond the traditional email submission to potentially received a code. Anyone who gains access to the closed beta for FIFA 21 will have access to it until early September. That’s plenty of time to reach out to EA to provide feedback for the title before it officially releases in October. Those who receive the closed beta code will have the chance to communicate to EA the various bugs that could potentially be in the game’s career mode. EA had these problems with FIFA 20’s career mode, and likely want to avoid repeating them. Many also cited how the game felt like a cash grab by EA back in 2019.

Hopefully, participants of the closed beta can prevent this from becoming an occurrence.