How to play the Toxicologist class in Spellbreak

Become a master of stealth and take on your foes with a poisonous touch.


So, you want to be a battlemage? Pick your poison, literally. In Spellbreak, there are six different classes, and here we are going over how to play the Toxicologist.

While Toxicologist isn’t considered one of the hardest classes to learn, it’s also not considered easiest. When playing this class, there are three key things to remember: Beware your toxic puddles, reaching level 2 is key, and stealth in the name of the game.

Stay out of your own way

toxic puddle damage
Screengrab via Proletariat

One of the biggest perks to the Toxicologist class can also be one of the biggest ailments. The toxic spray attack, when you play this class, will leave toxic puddles on the ground.

This is great for taking down enemies, but if you walk into your own puddle, you will take just as much damage. This means, if you are in close-range combat as a toxicologist, it’s best to either back up a little, stay on slightly higher ground or try to stay in the air as much as possible.

Remember also that you won’t pack a punch the same way another class might. Use your toxicity to damage opponents over time, and whittle down their ability to fight back, all while avoiding self-damage.

Plan around Vanishing Mists

toxic cloud perk
Screengrab via Proletariat

Now they see you, now they don’t. Hitting level 2 as a Toxicologist is key, because like your toxic puddles, your toxic clouds also hurt you before you level up for the first time each match.

Once you level, however, not only are you immune to your toxic clouds, when you run through them, you will gain the invisibility perk for 3 seconds. It may not seem like a long time, but it’s just enough time to position the perfect attack or make the perfect getaway.

This becomes even easier at level 4, as you throw three toxic clouds instead of one. Create a diversion, and no one will know which cloud you’ve disappeared into.

Stealth in all things

steath invisiblity rune
Screengrab via Proletariat

Invisibility should have to start and end with your vanishing mists, especially when your level 3 ability makes it, so your toxic spray does 75% more damage when invisible. This means as a toxicologist, you should, unless you need mobility to get inside the ring in time, always prioritize getting the invisibility rune.

You can use your toxic clouds to turn invisible during the cooldown times, then switch to the invisibility rune, meaning if you have an epic or legendary rune, and can avoid being hit, you could theoretically be invisible just as much as you are visible in a fight.

One of the best ways to utilize this is to follow someone who ducked out of a fight to heal, and when they are using a consumable and think they are alone, spam your toxic spray and go in for the kill.

Class Talents

There are two talents unlocked by playing the Toxicologist, and while they can be used for any class, they are optimized for this one.

Thirsty | 2 talent points

thirsty talent
Screengrab via Proletariat

This Spirit talent you unlock at class rank 3 is called Thirsty. It will allow you to consume health potions and armor shards 50% faster (all the way up to 100% faster if you keep collecting Spirit scrolls).

This is perfect for stealth, as you can use consumables while you are invisible, and the faster you consume, the more health you can gain back because the invisibility expires. With this, healing in the middle of a battle becomes possible without leaps and bounds.

Harmony | 3 talent points

harmony talent
Screengrab via Proletariat

This Mind talent unlocked at class rank 6 is called Harmony. It will prevent 5% of all incoming damage, up to 15% at full power. You are also immune to slow, freeze, and shock, which is extremely helpful, especially in terms of Conduits using their lightning to ignite a shock in your toxic cloud. Harmony will stop you from getting held up.

Best secondary gauntlets to use

  • Lightning | Use the base attack to ignite your toxic clouds with an electric shock
  • Frost | Use the base attack to freeze your toxic clouds solid

Overall, if you take on this class, it’s all about casting from the shadows. If you are more the type to just run into battle, this class may not be for you. But if stealth sounds like your bag, and you won’t miss prioritizing a mobility perk, then this could be the class for you.