How to play with friends, add friends in Genshin Impact

How to play with your friends.

Genshin Impact

You can play through Genshin Impact solo or with your friends. Best of all, the game supports crossplay, no matter what platform you play on. To add friends, you will need to know their UID or user ID. You can find your UID in the bottom right corner of the screen. It will be a 9 digit number that you will need to give to anyone who wants to add you to their friends list. You will also need it to add other people to your list. 

The interesting thing about multiplayer is that it is not available straight away. Instead, you need to play through the game’s introduction area, an effective tutorial that will introduce you to the game’s mechanics and world over a couple of hours of play. You will need to hit Adventure Rank 16 before the multiplayer part of the game will become available.

Once you hit Adventurer Rank 16, a small star will appear as a new icon beside your minimap. One mobile, you can simply click on this star to open the multiplayer menu, or you can hit the F2 key on PC. Hitting the options button on PS4 will allow you to choose the Multiplayer menu from the list of options.

You can either send invites to your game to the people on your friend list, or you can join other players’ games if you wish. You can also search for players by UID, even if they are not on your friends list.

Up to four people can play together in multiplayer mode, but all of them will need to be at least Adventurer Rank 16 to join the game. Keep in mind that you can do many things in multiplayer mode, but you cannot play through the main quests. We assume this is a simple balance issue, as the quests have not been designed with four players in mind. You can, however, run dungeons, explore the world, find treasure, and take on all kinds of monsters in the game’s large open world.