How to play with friends in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Every friend for themselves.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Image via Devolver Digital

When it comes to your standard multiplayer battle royale games, it’s always better to play with friends. Being able to support each other as you fight to become the last team standing will increase your chances tenfold. However, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is no ordinary battle royale.

Playing like the wacky game show that is usually confined to TV, Fall Guys sees you take your tubby fall guy and asks you to race ahead of the other competitors to the finish line first, work as a team to compete against other teams of fall guys in games such as tag and soccer, and attempt to avoid falling off the track into the slime like all the other lemmings you’re trying to beat. 

But despite being every man for himself, that doesn’t mean you can’t play Fall Guys with friends. While there is currently no facility to play games in a private lobby, you can join normal games as a group. When in a queue and a team game is chosen, the Fall Guys will try to put all of your party into the same team, but ultimately for the show, which is what the game calls a set of games, you are all on your own.

In order for you to play with friends, while in the main menu, you can either press triangle on PS4, or press P on a keyboard and a menu will pop up allowing you to invite friends to your party. From here, you can queue as normal and get straight into a show. Progress will continue as normal, and friends can quit out of a show if they have already been eliminated.