MultiVersus will get at least 19 new characters after launch, based on the Founder’s Packs

The math checks out.

Image via Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. platform fighter MultiVersus already has a bunch of confirmed characters, and we’ll see that number grow after the game launches thanks to DLC additions. The question is, just how big will that roster get? Thanks to some new editions of the game that were just announced, we know at least the minimum number.

MultiVersus will be a free-to-play game when it fully launches — that goes hand in hand with the developer’s goal of “removing as many barriers as possible” for new fighting game players. If you’re looking to spend money, however, you have some options. Founder’s Packs have been announced for the game, and they come in three tiers. Crucially, the Premium Founder’s Pack includes 30 Character Tokens, which can be used for “instant character unlocks.”

Here’s where things get interesting (credit to VGC for noticing — MultiVersus has a launch roster of 16 fighters, 12 of whom are locked at the start. Of those, Wonder Woman is unlocked through the tutorial, leaving 11 to be acquired. If you were to spend some of those 30 Character Tokens to get them right away, you’d still be left with 19. They can’t be used more than once on a single character, so mathematically, that implies that at least 19 new characters will be added to the game via DLC.

If you’d rather not spend any money, don’t worry: there are other methods for unlocking more fighters. You can unlock additional characters through either Gold or Gleamium, MultiVersus’ two in-game currencies. Gold is earned simply by playing; you can get Gleamium by spending real money. In either case, that leaves three possible ways to unlock new fighters: Character Tokens, Gold, and Gleamium.

Of course, the next question is, who are the new characters going to be? While none have been officially announced, MultiVersus has seen a massive number of leaks since it was first announced. Most recently, Samurai Jack, the Powerpuff Girls, and Ted Lasso (yes, really) are said to be coming to the game.