How to pre-register for My Hero Ultra Impact

A former Japanese exclusive is finally finding its way to Western territories.

Screenshot via 876TV YouTube

My Hero Ultra Impact will be heading to Western territories sometime in 2022, and now you can pre-register to play the game when it launches. How Plus Ultra is that?

You can pre-register for the turn-based RPG on both Google Play and the App Store, depending on your device. To start the process, go to the store page and find the green Pre-register button on the Google Play store or the Pre-order button on the App Store. Once you have clicked them, the store will then inform you when it’s ready to download.

My Hero Ultra Impact is offering a pre-registration offer. For every 30,000 that pre-register, Bandai Namco will be giving 50 hero gems of in-game currency, which is enough for one Recruit. The maximum that the app is looking for from western territories is 150,000, which will give all pre-registered players 500 hero gems (10 Recruits).

This mobile game seems to be a great hit for My Hero Academia fans. The stories of Deku, All Might, and the rest of the cast will be reexperienced through the main quest of My Hero Ultra Impact. The biggest scenes from the anime are showcased in this game. For example, Fused Overhaul appears to be a boss against your party of three. In addition, My Hero Ultra Impact features some exclusive art that you can collect along the way, and you can customize your own hero base with your favorite heroes and items from the show.

The Japanese version was released back in May 2021, and the Western release shouldn’t be too much further behind, now that pre-registrations have opened. Perhaps, this will give some entertainment to those who didn’t like the franchise’s other mobile game My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero.