How to pump fake a throw in Knockout City

Have the enemy looking foolish with a well-timed fake.

When playing a game like Knockout City, you need to pull out the whole bag of tricks to give yourself an advantage. Whether it involves using your teammate as a ball or faking a throw, you will want to make use of all you can. This is dodgeball we are talking about here, so pump faking to get your opponent off balance is a crucial tool to have when you hold the ball in your court. Here is how to pump fake and make use of it in Knockout City.

To pump a fake throw, all you need to do is press the right stick while you have a ball in your hand. This action will make your character act like they are about to throw a ball but instead will hold onto it. This move can be advantageous if you are in close quarters with an enemy and you have the ball and they don’t. You can use it to make them try to catch the ball too early, leaving them wide open for your attack.

Pump faking won’t have much use the further away from the enemy you are, as when you throw the ball, they have that much more time to recover. For that reason, we recommend only using this in close-quarter battles to throw them off, at least if only for a moment. It could be the difference in you winning or losing.