How to put a trophy on a wall in Valheim

You can display your victories inside of your home.

The creatures and monsters you battle in Valheim have a chance to drop trophies after you defeat them. These trophies are massive, and several of them can be used in crafting recipes, such as deer trophies for the Stagbreaker hammer. You may also need to use them to summon bosses. Because Valheim features you playing as a viking attempting to prove themselves to Odin to visit Valhalla, you can also mount these trophies inside of your home to show them off.

How to mount trophies

It will take you a bit before you can mount trophies. You need to progress through the game by gathering up several resources. You want to reach the point where you can craft a smelter, and you can do that after you obtain Surtling cores. You’ll need at least 15 Surtling cores to craft a smelter, a charcoal kiln, and a forge. When you have a smelter, you want to melt copper and tin to create bars of these resources, and when you combine them at a forge, you’ll develop bronze. You can craft bronze nails with bronze, and the first time you earn bronze nails, you’ll learn the crafting recipe to mount trophies.

The building you want to create to carry your trophies is called an item stand. You’ll need to be in proximity of a workbench, and you need to make sure the hook is facing away from the wall. These are the resources you’re going to need to craft it, after learning the recipe from having made bronze nails.

  • 4 Fine wood
  • 1 Bronze nail

When you place the item stand on your wall, bring any of the trophies you want to use to your hotbar, from numbers 1 to 8. Click the item number of the trophy you want to put up, and then it’ll automatically be available in your home.