Where to find Surtling Cores in Valheim

A critical ingredient to building a forge.

When you want to expand your available crafting potential in Valheim to start working on bronze weapons, armor, and tools, you need to find Surtling Cores. These resources are exactly what you need to create a smelter, which allows you to take copper ore and create bars. These bars are what you need, combined with tin, to create an array of items. Obtain these Surtling Cores is not simple, and it might take you some time to find them.

Where to find Surtling Cores

There are two ways you can find Surtling Cores pretty reliably. The first method we did to find them pretty effectively was exploring the dungeons in a biome. When you enter a dungeon, they typically say, “Burial Chambers,” when you transition from the world into them. Inside, you’ll find plenty of skeletons waiting for you, defending the riches that await you. We stumbled across a skeleton spawning nest and found multiple Surtling Cores awaiting us for defeating it.

Alternatively, the other way you can obtain these cores is by killing a Surtling. These creatures regularly drop them, and you can find them wandering around the game. Players have reported these creatures to appear in the ashland, swamp, and plains biome, but we have only encountered them while wandering around the swamp. You’ll find these creatures pretty fast as they covered in fire and shoot it at you. We recommend keeping your distance from the creature and not use fire arrows against it. You can lure them near a water source to badly damage them.

These are the two distinct methods to discovering Surtling Cores. When you obtain one for the first time, you’ll learn how to craft a smelter and a charcoal kiln. Of the two, the smelter is the more useful resource as it allows you to meltdown ore deposits to turn them into metal bars, allowing you to craft upgrade weapons, armors, and tools.