How to put an opponent on a table in WWE 2K23

Get the tables.

Image via 2K

Tables matches in wrestling video games can be a bit of a pain to win. Part of the process in table matches is attempting to put an opposing wrestler on a table. It can be a bit tricky in WWE 2K23, but luckily it gets a lot easier once one knows the controls. With that said, let’s take a look at how WWE 2K23 players can put a wrestler on a table.

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How to put an opponent on a table

There are a couple of ways that a player can put an opponent on a table in WWE 2K23. One way is to perform a carry on the opposition, and then drop the wrestler straight on it.

Alternatively, one could Irish Whip a wrestler straight into either a table that is upright or slanted in the corner of the ring. Make sure, however, that if you attempt to do this method, that the attempted Irish Whip is lined up to the table. Otherwise, the wrestler will go in an errant direction and not wind up on the table.

Irish Whips can be performed by moving the left stick in the direction of choice, and then pressing either B (for Xbox) or Circle (for PlayStation). Strong Irish Whips can be done by performing the aforementioned inputs, but holding B rather than just tapping the button.

Once a wrestler is slumped on an upright table, flick up on the right analog stick to put the opponent on the table.

For those new to wrestling, table matches are won by putting an opponent through a table. Because of this win condition, it is important to master how to get opposing wrestlers on it.