When is the release date for the Revel with Wyatt DLC Pack in WWE 2K23?

Get ready to run.

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There will be a lot of post-launch content coming to WWE 2K23 after the title officially launches in mid-March. The Revel with Wyatt pack may very well be the most anticipated of the five content drops in 2K23, for obvious reasons. But, when will it be released? Let’s take a look at what we know about it.

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Revel with Wyatt Pack in WWE 2K23

The Revel with Wyatt Pack is the fourth of five post-launch DLC packs that will be released in WWE 2K23. This pack will be released after the Steiner Row, Pretty Sweet, and the Race to NXT packs. This pack will be released on July 19.

As the name suggests, Bray Wyatt will be added to WWE 2K23 in this DLC pack. Wyatt, who was cut from WWE shortly after WrestleMania two years ago, was not in WWE 2K22. The last time Wyatt was in a WWE game came in 2020 when 2K released the arcade title WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

This pack will also include two NXT wrestlers in Joe Gacy and Blair Davenport (fka Bea Priestly), as well as Valhalla. Valhalla was formerly known as Sarah Logan.

A curious addition to WWE 2K23’s roster as part of this pack is Zeus. Zeus is probably most well-known for being Hulk Hogan’s foe in the movie No Holds Barred. In 1989, Zeus did join the WWF to try to take down Hogan yet again but was ultimately unsuccessful even after trying several times.

This pack was confirmed by 2K on March 6, when official information regarding 2K23’s Season Pass was released. WWE 2K23 will be released on March 17 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.