How to quickly farm Credits in Warframe

Money is what’s funny.


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Credits are one of the most important resources in Warframe, as you need them for just about everything. From buying blueprints to building weapons and Warframes, to upgrading and selling mods, credits are vitally important to getting more powerful in the game. You will want to farm a lot of them, and knowing the best ways to do it can be a big help.

How to farm Credits

Play Missions

All missions can earn a player Credits just by playing them. Dead enemies, loot containers, and lockers can all drop Credits which can then be picked it up. This is the most basic way to earn Credits and is the most important one for new players. Farming missions with lots of enemies is an easy way to earn plenty of Credits to get you through the early game.

Selling Items

You can sell items like Mods, Weapons, Warframes, and other things found in your Inventory. Some things, like Warframes and strong weapons, should not be sold, but just about anything in the game can be turned into Credits if you need them badly enough.

The Index

The Index, on Neptune, is where the vast majority of seasoned players will farm their Credits. The Index works by accepting a bet from a player, and then multiplying that bet in winnings if they succeed in the game. If you lose, you also lose your Credits. There are three levels of difficulty, and newer players are advised to play on an easier level.

  • Low Risk – costs 30,000 to play, returns 105,000 if you win.
  • Medium Risk – costs 40,000 to play, returns 175,000 if you win.
  • High Risk – costs 50,00 to play, returns 250,000 if you win.

In the Index, you need to kill AI enemies and deposits shards that they drop into the opponent’s goal. Enemies scale with difficulty and newer players may have a tough time cutting through enemy shields.


Arbitrations will reward 50,000 Credits upon completion, but the first Arbitration each day will reward 100,000 Credits.

Dark Sector Missions

Dark Sector missions can have increased Credit drops, and are worth farming for increased Credits and resources. They are marked on the map by a special symbol, and the Navigation screen will tell you which bonuses you will get for playing a mission on that node.

Credit Boosters

Credit Boosters can be purchased in the Market for Platinum. They will double the number of Credits you get for a certain period.

  • 3 Day boost costs ‍40 Platinum.
  • 7 Day boost costs ‍80 Platinum.
  • 30 Day boost costs ‍200 Platinum.