How to quickly grind Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you want an easy life, you need money.

Resident Services

Animal Crossing: New Horizons might just be cute as a bug, but it’s still a capitalist system that doesn’t appreciate freeloaders. If you want that dream island life, you will need money, which means you will need Bells. Bells are one of the game’s currencies and will allow you to buy all sorts of items, DIY recipes, and other things to make your life easier.

Fortunately, getting them can be surprisingly simple.

Sell things to the Nooks

Timmy Nook will be available from the start of the game to buy just about anything that you don’t want. He will buy everything from weeds to Perfect Fruit, so anything you don’t need or want, big or small, can be sold to the young entrepreneur. Visit him at the Resident Services, and later at Nook’s Cranny, to sell the things you don’t need for lots of Bells. You can sell just about everything here, from bugs and fish you don’t want to shells you find on the beach.

Selling fruit is a great way to make some extra cash, just be sure to read the Perfect Fruit guide above, so you know to not accidentally sell something that might be better used as a plant.

Buried Money Bags

As you walk around your island or other islands, you might notice a shiny dot on the ground. If you dig there, you will find a bag of money. What makes these spots interesting is the after you dig up the bag, the hole will be glowing. You can bury money there, which will grow a money tree, returning three times the amount of buried Bells. This morn than likely caps out at some point, but we do not know what that cap is at this point.

Visit Mystery Islands

Using a Nook Miles Ticket will allow you to visit a Mystery Island. These islands are packed with resources and can contain lots of money bags if you get lucky. You can also find lots of things to sell to the Nooks.

Money Rocks and Shaking Trees

Less impressive than money bags, sometimes a rock or a tree will drop some Bells if you shake them or hit them with an axe.

Selling Turnips

Buying Turnips from Daisy Mae, who arrives on Sundays, will allow you to then sell those Turnips on the stalk market later in the week for a profit. Just make sure you are aware of the old saying “buy low, sell high”.

Selling Fossils

Any extra fossils that you find that you don’t want to keep or can’t donate to the museum can be sold. You can sell these to the Nooks, and they can net you thousands of Bells. If you are going exploring, make sure you bring a shovel to dig these up if you see them.

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