How to Quickly Rank up Your Battle Pass During Destiny 2’s Dawning Event

Destiny 2

Many of Destiny 2’s regular events take on a different meaning now that the game has a Battle Pass, and this certainly applies to the Dawning. Until Jan. 14, Eva Levante will be in the Tower, handing out Daily and Weekly bounties for you to complete. These bounties can rapidly rank up your Battle Pass, and get your hands on the gifts for the levels.

To start the process, visit Eva, and begin the Dawning quest. The first step is to cook some Gjallardoodles for Zavala. To do this, you need some Ether Cane, some Delicious Explosion, and some Essence of Dawning. You can gather up Ether Cane by killing Fallen enemies. You get Delicious Explosion by killing any enemy with an explosive. You received Essence of Dawning by finishing activities like Strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches, Public Events, and Nightfalls. Thankfully, for your first time, Eva provides them all for you.

When you have all the ingredients, go to the Holiday Oven in your Quest list, and make the Gjallardoodles. Bring them to Zavala, moving you on to the next step in the quest, and giving you access to Eva’s Daily and Weekly bounties. These bounties are great to grind because they reward you with double experience, and are generally quite simple.

You can also level up your Battle Pass while working on other bounties, weekly challenges, and generally having fun. On top of that, the new Obelisks in the game grant bounties and Timelost Weapon Bounties are also worth grinding. By being smart, keeping a good eye on your Daily bounties from Eva, and other sources like Zavala, Shaxx, and the Drifter, you can build up vast amounts of experience quite quickly, accelerating how fast you gain Battle Pass levels.