How to raise your Merit level in Tower of Fantasy

Get through that battle pass.

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It comes as no surprise that Tower of Fantasy has a battle pass. Most games nowadays have a battle pass that earns you extra rewards as you progress through it. You can purchase the pass to get even more rewards if you feel like spending money on it. You’re able to progress through the battle pass in Tower of Fantasy by gaining Merit Points. These, in turn, raise your Merit level and get you the different tiered rewards.

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How to increase your Merit level in Tower of Fantasy

You will increase your Merit level in the battle pass by earning Merit Points. If you take a look at the battle pass, you will see that it tells you, “Gain lots of Merit EXP via weekly activities to raise merit level.” To understand this even more, you will need to head over to the adventure menu.

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To reach the adventure menu, you will first need to progress through the game to the point where you unlock it. This comes during chapter one after you visit Hykros and return to Astra. Once you have done this, you will see a new symbol appear in the upper right corner of the screen that looks like two crossed swords.

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Press the adventure menu button to access the new menu and select the “weekly” option to see the weekly tasks that you can complete. For each of these activities, you will earn activity points. These activity points will accumulate at the top of the menu and earn you rewards whenever you reach certain milestones. These rewards include Merit Points.

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If you don’t feel like committing to the grind, you can also pay your way through the battle pass. This can be done using Dark Crystals. Under the battle pass menu, you can select the “purchase level” option. Each Dark Crystal is equivalent to four Merit Points.