How to ascend any weapon to 1 star rank in Tower of Fantasy

Ascend your weapons to infinity and beyond.

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Ascending a weapon is a mechanic in Tower of Fantasy that is used to power up your arsenal. Ascending a weapon will raise its star level, boosting all of its stats in various ways. Ascending weapons is beneficial, even if a weapon is level one. Performing an ascension requires several steps and hard-to-find materials. This guide will explain how to ascend a weapon to 1 star rank in Tower of Fantasy.

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What are the requirements to ascend any weapon to 1 star rank in Tower of Fantasy?

Ascending weapons will require you to pull duplicate weapons from the various gacha systems Tower of Fantasy contains. Pulling a duplicate weapon will grant you a Fusion core for that weapon. These fusion cores will be necessary to ascend that weapon. Rare weapons can’t be ascended; only weapons earned from the Simulacrum can perform these steps.

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Tower of Fantasy has no guaranteed weapon drops, making earning a specific duplicate weapon challenging. Pull weapons and ascend any duplicate ones you’re fortunate enough to receive from the gacha system. Use these weapons until you have the Fusion cores for your weapon of choice.

Steps to Ascend any weapon to 1 star rank or beyond

  • Access the in-game options menu and select the weapons tab.
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  • In the weapon screen, choose the Simulacrum weapon you would like to ascend. Standard Rare weapons can’t be ascended, only leveled up.
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  • In the weapon screen, select the “Advancement” option to begin the process of ascending the weapon to a 1-star rank or higher.
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Advancing a weapon to 1-star rank or beyond will grant it boosts all of its stats. Each new star rank a weapon earns will unlock additional passive perks and abilities. Save your rare currencies to pull duplicate weapons, then level and ascend them to give yourself an edge against Tower of Fantasy’s challenging enemies.