How to get and use Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

Don’t spend your money on currency.

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There are multiple currency types in Tower of Fantasy. While playing the game, you will come across Gold, Tanium, and Dark Crystals. While Gold is very common and something you will get a fair amount of, Dark Crystals are something you might not find for a little while. This currency is used to purchase special items in the game. You’ll need to learn where you can get it before you’re able to spend it, so let’s take a look.

How to get Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

One thing that is nice about Tower of Fantasy is that it lets you know how to get specific items. For instance, if you select Gold, the game will tell you every possible way to get the currency. If you try to learn where Dark Crystals are, the game will tell you they are only a “reward for purchasing.”

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Don’t worry, you won’t need to spend any money to get Dark Crystals. You can actually get them by completing tasks in the game, completely free of charge. If you go into the terminal menu, you will see four options; Achievements, Chronicles, Missions, and Story. If you select any of these options besides the Missions menu, you will see that you can earn Dark Crystals by completing different parts of the game.

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You can get Dark Crystals by completing waypoints in the story, as rewards for completing achievements, and for unlocking the various regions. Some missions will even reward you with Dark Crystals when you complete them. Unfortunately, it will take time for you to amass a large quantity of them.

How to use Dark Crystals

Just like any other currency, Dark Crystals are meant to be spent on goods. If you go into the backpack menu and select the currency option, it will bring you to a screen that shows all of your currencies. Dark Crystals are a base currency. If you select the shop icon next to the Dark Crystals, it will take you to a shop where you can spend them.

In this menu, you can purchase Gold Nucleus, Gold, Red Nucleus, and Identity Update Cards. The Red and Gold Nucleus can be used to get weapons and Simulacra while Gold is the other standard currency and a necessary item for upgrading weapons. The Identity Update Card can be used to change your character’s name.