How To ‘Re-Roll’ Dungeon Bosses in Palworld

Palworld players don’t have to stick with the boss at the end of a Dungeon. Instead, they can re-roll to get exactly the creature they want.

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Dungeons are one of the few things that you might be finding a bit tedious in Palworld. Many have similar layouts, and there always seem to be some Syndicate Members roaming around them. Additionally, while it’s nice to catch some Daedreams, Maus, or Fuddlers while roaming through it, the ‘boss’ Pal is the primary reason for going to the effort.

Palworld has continuously challenged players with complex, grindy gameplay that makes progression a slow process. Because of this, finding ways to level up quickly are a primary focus. In this guide, we’ll go over how to reroll dungeons to make the most of each attempt.

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How Dungeons Work In Palworld

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Dungeons in Palworld are simple, timed instances that players can enter through these easily identifiable cave entrances. Once they ‘spawn’, they’re only active for about 3 hours and 20 minutes (AKA 200 minutes, as it says in-game), and once it de-spawns another one doesn’t tend to spawn at that location for quite a while.

In our experience with the game so far, we’ve entered 10 Dungeons and have only seen 2 general ‘layouts’ for them, both of which visually look the same. That said, that game is in Early Access, so hopefully the variety of Dungeon layouts will be improved at some point in the future, as the developers at Pocketpair obviously already have a big success of a launch on their hands.

How To Get The Exact Dungeon Boss You Want

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Regardless of how the Palworld Dungeon is laid out, the re-roll trick works the exact same. If you get to the end of a Dungeon and see that the ‘Boss’ Pal isn’t one you necessarily care about catching, just leave. Granted, finding the Dungeon Boss and the exit of the Dungeon can be tedious in of itself, but if you get a decent layout, it’s usually worth the effort for an extra hefty version of a Pal.

If you leave and re-enter the Dungeon, head back to the Dungeon area, the Dungeon Boss should be a different enhanced Pal. This very much feels like an unintended feature or bug in the game, and one that’ll probably be patched in the near future.

For the moment, you can keep rolling Dungeons (though it is a bit tedious) to get the exact Boss variant of your favorite Pal. It’s also worth noting that in our experience it does seem to use whatever Pals would naturally be in the habitat the Dungeon is located in as the spawns, though it doesn’t seem to do this every single time.

For more tips and tricks about Palworld, check out the Gamepur guide for gameplay, our beginner’s tips and tricks, or our base building location suggestions for optimal Pal-catching success.