How to reach S-Rank support in Fire Emblem Engage

Get engaged in Fire Emblem Engage.

Image via Nintendo

Support conversations have been a staple of the Fire Emblem series for a long time, and are used to flesh out a game’s characters through conversations between one another. Some games even allow you to have special bonds between characters and even allow you to get married and have kids. These are often called S-rank supports, and Fire Emblem Engage has them, which also means you can get married. But how do you reach an S-rank with your waifu or husbando?

Before rushing to marry a particular character, be mindful that you can’t marry everyone. Some characters are underage, and some are blood-related, so there are limits.

Getting Engaged

To reach S-Rank supports, you’ll need characters to have A-rank supports, which you obtain by having characters battle close to one another and by giving them gifts that you can buy from the merchant in Somniel. But to get to S-rank support, you’ll need a special item called a Pact Ring. This ring can only be acquired late in Engage after completing a paralogue mission called the Connector. Paralogues are optional missions you can take part in that yield special rewards.

After beating this paralogue and obtaining the Pact Ring, it will be placed in your room, in the Momento Drawer in Somniel. If you want to use it, take it from the drawer and go find the character you want to give it to. Giving the Pact Ring to the character you want to have an S-rank with will provide you with a special scene. Gameplay-wise, nothing changes other than a bonus to that character’s dodge and crit rate.

There isn’t much to do past this. Marriage and S-ranks don’t affect gameplay all that much, and there are no child units like in other Fire Emblem games. The gameplay is much more focused on strategy than romance.