How to record gameplay videos on Xbox Series X

Keep it for posterity.

Xbox Series X

With so many people out there looking to record gameplay and put it on Youtube, how you can do this on the Xbox Series X is a hot topic. The console itself has a couple of methods built in, so in this guide we will cover those, and one additional method.

On the Xbox Series X controller, there is a new Share button between the Options and View buttons. If you press this, it will automatically create a video of the last 30 to 60 seconds of gameplay. To set exactly how long this records for, go to the Capture and Share Menu, then the Capture Settings where you can change it.

If you prefer to record everything that you are doing while you do it, hit the Xbox guide button, then go to Capture and Share, and click on the option to start recording. To stop recording at a later time, just go to the same place.

Keep in mind, both these options will record to your consoles SSD, which will eat up space, so make sure you reguarly clear out the Recent Captures section of the Capture and Share menu to avoid filling up the SSD.

You can set up a One Drive and upload the clips to it before you delete them, then access the One Drive from your PC to edit or upload them to Youtube.

The other way to do it is with an external capture card, such as those made by Elgato or Avermedia. This would allow you to record high quality video to your PC without needing to worry about the volume of recordings on your Xbox Series X.