When is Discord voice chat coming to Xbox?

Become an insider to get access today.

Image via Xbox and Discord

Discord is notable for its use in PC gaming circles, particularly for its voice chat lobbies. Now, the service is expanding to consoles, with both the Xbox One and Series X/S being the first home consoles to support Discord voice chat. Console gamers have been asking for this feature for quite a while, and both Xbox and Discord seem set to deliver on their demands, but when will Discord voice chat arrive on Xbox?

Discord voice chat will be available for Xbox Insiders first

While announcing the feature, Xbox confirmed that Discord voice support would roll out to Xbox Insiders starting July 20. To become an insider, you’ll have to download the Xbox Insider Hub app on your console, which will allow you to enroll in betas for features, preview builds of games, and the like.

Once the update is out, Xbox Insiders will be able to link their Discord accounts to their systems. From there, you’ll be able to join voice lobbies on your system using both the Discord and Xbox mobile apps.

When is Discord rolling out to all Xbox users?

Xbox did not specify when Discord voice integration would roll out to everyone during the announcement, but the company did state that it plans to expand the update to more players “in the coming weeks.” We’ll update this article once Xbox reveals more about this feature’s full launch.

Discord is a very popular service, and like any prominent online application, it’s prone to glitches or bugs every now and again. Luckily, problems such as being stuck on the Checking for Updates start-up message, or being unable to unmute yourself in a voice lobby, or suffering from Error 1105 all have solutions.