How to reduce lag in Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies

Work to get the best experience possible.


Call of Duty Zombies may not rely as heavily on fast twitch movements like the multiplayer side, but it does not matter what mode you are playing; when lag happens, it is one of the most irritating experiences for a gamer. Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies has had quite a few reports of lag affecting players badly, so if this is happening to you, here are some tips to make it run better.

Do not play Solo

Oddly enough, the Solo Zombies mode in Vanguard relies on a server for you to play it. This means that even though you have no one else in your game, you need a reliable internet connection to the server to play the game. As of this writing, on launch day, the solo servers have been bad. In our three games trying to play Solo, we could not get past round two because we would completely lose control of our Operator. If this is happening to you, we recommend giving matchmaking a try. If you still run into the issues there, move on to the next step.

Check your internet

With Zombies having to rely on an internet connection to play, no matter which way you are playing, you will want to check your internet. To be safe, we recommend resetting your router or playing with a direct connection through an ethernet cable. You can also find a variety of speed tests online, and if you are still unsure, try another game online and see if things are running smoothly. If everything seems fine on your end, go to our final suggestion.

Wait/contact Activision support

If you are dealing with so much lag that the game is unplayable, we recommend waiting for a while to see if the servers are performing better later or contacting Activision support. Server issues are a common occurrence for online games, especially at launch. It is disappointing, but sooner or later, the issue should be resolved on Treyarch/Sledgehammer’s end.