How to reduce lag in Minecraft

No lag needed in these blocks.

Image via Mojang

Lag is the biggest nemesis for anyone who plays video games. Not having full control of your actions and things not happening smoothly can completely ruin any experience, no matter how good the main game is. Minecraft is no different. With blocks breaking seconds later and your character teleporting around the area, there is a lot of room for bad things to happen when you are lagging. Here is how to reduce lag in Minecraft.

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How to reduce lag in Minecraft

Check your internet or change hosts

If you are playing online, the first step we recommend taking to reduce lag is to check your internet connection. If you or the host of the world are playing with a slow connection, it can cause a lot of lag in everything you do. Try restarting your router as well as closing out of and launching the game again. If both sides have internet running fine, we recommend trying to let someone else host in a different world.

Video settings

Messing with your video settings can ease the strain your PC or console is dealing with. Here are some settings we recommend changing on each edition of Minecraft.

Bedrock Edition

  • View Bobbing: Off
  • Camera Shake: Off
  • Fancy Leaves: Off
  • Fancy Bubbles: Off
  • Render Clouds: Off
  • Beautiful Skies: Off
  • Smooth Lighting: Off
  • Fancy Graphics: Off
  • Upscaling: Off
  • Raytracing: Off

Java Edition

  • Graphics: Fast
  • Smooth Lighting: Off
  • VSync: Off
  • Render Distance: 10 Chunks
  • View Bobbing: Off
  • Clouds: Off
  • Max Framerate: 30 FPS
  • Particles: Minimal

Task Manager

If none of the above have worked, we recommend opening your Task Manager by pressing CTRL, Shift, and Esc simultaneously. Look at everything your PC is currently trying to run and close down whatever is not needed. Right-click each item and select End Task to have your PC close it down and focus more on running Minecraft.