How to remap your controller on Nintendo Switch

Update 10.0.0 allows users to remap the buttons on their controller. Learn how to do so here.

Nintendo Switch Pro

The Nintendo Switch update 10.0.0 is live, bringing with it multiple new features to the hybrid console including a new bookmark feature to News, a new section called Play Activity Settings, and six new icons from Animal Crossing: New Horizons you can use as your account display picture.

However, the biggest, and most interesting change this patch is the new ability to remap whatever controller is connected to the console to fit your personal preferences. Read on to figure out how to do so.

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How to remap your controller on Nintendo Switch

Once you have updated your Switch to version 10.0.0, you can remap the buttons on any controller connected to the device.

From the Home Screen, click on the Gear icon (system settings).

From here, scroll down to Controllers and Sensors.

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Underneath Change Grip/Order will be Change Button Mapping, if you are on the proper update. Once you click on it, every controller that is currently connected to the Switch will be visible on the left. (Note that this only works with Nintendo first-party controllers as well as the Switch Lite. Any other controllers will not be recognized.)

Joy-Cons are automatically separated during the mapping process. You can click on each individual Joy-Con and set it to display horizontally for remapping it that way.

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When you choose which controller to change, you will see an image displaying all the buttons on your controller, as well as Control Stick Settings in the center that allows you to switch the thumbsticks. To change buttons, select one and a menu will pop up asking which location to move that input to. Some buttons must be mapped before you can save your changes.

The moment you hit Done, your changes will take effect and you will be brought back to the controller selection screen. You will notice that underneath Change you can now Reset your controller to the default layout, save the mapping for future use, or load a previously saved mapping layout.

Nintendo adding such a user-friendly option is not very common. It usually likes to keep players playing its games the way it intended, so be sure to take advantage of the new feature and game the way you want.